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Matt Boswell, Tiger Bar, 2/2

Welcome to our third episode IN ENGLISH. In this second episode with Matt Boswell from the Schöneberg-based Tiger Bar we discuss sustainability, how taste has changed in the last couple of years and why learning about wine takes your cocktail-making to another level. ⁠ How to find and build a style for a bar menu or bar program is another topic for us. And how an Australian bartender looks upon using German ingredients that take him out of his comfort zone. Nachdem Matt Boswell der Schöneberger Tiger Bar in der ersten Episode die Steinlagerung seiner Spirituosen beleuchtete, soll es hier um Pflanzen gehen. Wie blickt ein Australischer Bartender auf die hiesigen Produkte? Wie macht man den Sprung von tropischer Ananas zu Feigenblätter-Öl oder Birne Helene?

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